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Baton Rouge, LA – February 21, 2006 – PLEXOS international, LLC

After successful demonstrations of the Spiral 0 Sheriff vehicle, work has begun on Spiral 1. Spiral 1 vehicles will include enhanced capabilities and updated systems. Included in these enhanced capabilities is a Genesis-based video subsystem which will provide the vehicle operators with an improved view of the battlefield environment. 

Project Sheriff, a Pentagon Office of Force Transformation project provides a combined lethal and non-lethal weapons system (Full Spectrum Effects Platform or FSEP) to be fielded to Army and Marine Corps units in Iraq by summer, 2005.The concept is to retrofit ground vehicles already in the services’ inventories with an array of new lethal and non-lethal systems, giving troops working in urban terrain more options, especially when deciding how to deal with potential noncombatants or civilians being used as shields

The PLEXOS Genesis technology will provide a real-time IP packet network integrating vehicle systems and installed subsystems for Project Sheriff and will provide interoperability for video, audio, and data of any format in a secure, reliable, scalable, and extensible architecture.  The subsystems to be integrated by Genesis as part of Project Sheriff will include:


    • Active Denial – a high-power millimeter wave, non-lethal, anti-personnel system.


    • Active Protection - technology aimed at defeating threats to vehicles such as Rocket-Propelled Grenades (RPGs).


    • Gunslinger – counter-sniper technology incorporating both acoustic and IR sensors to locate and automatically train a weapon on the source of incoming gunfire.


    • Electronic Counter Measures - jam threats of interest.


    • Long-Range Acoustic Device – an amplified acoustic system with public address and non-lethal capabilities.


    • Laser Dazzler – Non-Lethal eye-safe lasers used to disorient, dissuade and confuse.


    • High Power White Light – Non-Lethal system that provides the operator an illumination source and the ability to dissuade a threat by causing temporary flash blindness and nausea.


Genesis is middleware that implements a full suite of high-level processes to deliver next generation, real-time, secure, and reliable communications and information sharing over the broadest range of computing devices. The Genesis source code is high performance ISO/ANSI C++ with no dependencies on any operating system, processor, or computing platform. Genesis facilitates the efficient transformation of any radio, phone, video camera, sensor, detector, weapon system, or medical instrument into a highly integrated and manageable IP network aware device. The Genesis middleware allows IP network resources and services to be managed like an operating system manages a computer.