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Data Layer Plugin

The Data Layer Plugin (DLP) is a stand-alone object with an interface that allows software to access multiple data sources simultaneously without the need define the complex relationships between the data in the application software. Application software accesses data by submitting requests to the DLP and receiving the results. It is optimized for accessing multiple databases across multiple platforms and communication links. The DLP isolates the application software from the actual data structures and sources. Thus if new data sources are added or if the location of a data source changes, the DLP administrator can modify the DLP database through the DLPAdmin program to accommodate those changes. The application software is never modified and “sees” only what the DLP administrator wants it to “see”. The DLP is the foundation for all Plexos software packages.

The DLP interfaces with virtually all data sources including Oracle, SQL Server, Access, Informix, DB2, PeopleSoft, ESRI GIS, Excel, Text Files and proprietary data formats. Proprietary or other non-structured data formats are handled by developing add-ins within DLP the for those specific data sources. Thus, if enough is known about how the data is organized, even though it is not in a structured database format, the data can be retrieved using algorithms that are part of the specific DLP add-in.