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How wOz Works

The wOz platform consists of three primary components:

a GPS-enabled device placed on an individual or item you wish to track. Equipped with the intelligence to identify its own location, the tag issues an alert when it moves to an “unacceptable” area, and communicates with the TagDetector, enabling it to track the tag’s movement. A tag’s form can be customized to appropriately fit the individual or object to which it is attached.

wOz SmartTags and base technology can be easily integrated with a host of additional sensors (i.e. temperature, motion, chemical etc.) The SmartTag is easily programmed to monitor conditions of these sensors and issue alerts when specific conditions are violated.

A handheld device that monitors its associated SmartTags (as well as other tags roaming in its zone). It can also be used to create and define acceptable zones within which a tag can travel. When removed from its dock, the TagDetector enables the user to view the direction and relative distance from the tag.
A customizable, network-based service that communicates with the TagDetector. It also enables end users or network administrators to set up various monitoring, tracking, and control parameters. wOzService provides status notifications, alerts, and/or warnings to end users through a pager, SMS, e-mail, or any other custom-tailored notification means.